FREE FROM GRAVITY invite you to....

''Live like a Rock Star for one weekend''

At Our Album Launch Party... Smoke On The Boat

"You probably haven't heard of us-yet, BUT get ready!"


Live Like A Rockstar?

Did you ever go to a concert,  and some way through something moved you and by the end of the night you felt totally euphoric?

Remember how you felt the next day? So high you were walking on the ceiling, so buzzed up that you were still reliving the lights,  drama,  musical journey you went on and the pure emotion you felt as you got more and more involved. And did you just start thinking “Wow – I wish I was up there with the band”?

Yeah, me too. I’m Vince, lead singer of the band Free From Gravity, and it was a show I did in Spain, which left the audience wanting more, that I nearly got arrested for it. But man, what a feeling of elation. I remember thinking that playing music was the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life. I will never forget that feeling as long as I live.

So we had a bit of a chat. We wanted to offer you a prize that wasn’t your typical offering from a band (download our new Single/EP/Album/Get free T Shirt – delete as required).

We wanted to offer you a prize to make you think “WOW – I WANT that”. Something that really meant something to you, something that resonates with your dreams, your visions that appealed to what YOU want most from music (apart from great tunes) and will keep you buzzing for the rest of your life.

An experience you will never forget!

So we sat down and some bright spark said –“Why not offer the chance to live like a Rockstar for the weekend of our boat party”

In fact when we came up with the idea every single member of the band said – “Hey I want that”

So that’s it. We want you to join us and, if you have ever had the feeling I described above, you will KNOW what I am talking about.

But it had to be more than just entry to the show and a couple of beers. It had be something that you would really want – like a weekend with the band – and better still – on us.

I had my life changing experience that night in Spain – we want you to have the same thing at Smoke On The Boat.

So here it is – our competition to win:

The ROCKSTAR Lifestyle

The party will be fantastic, we sail away at 17:00 on the Saturday afternoon, have a couple of beers (you get a glass of bubbly). We then go to the VIP area and you can chill with the band, or do your own thing, there’s a buffet laid on so if you have the hunger pangs then no need to starve – and if you want a beer – just get one from the bar – on our tab.

There’s a lot more to it than that but if you watch the video below it explains a bit more – and boy did we have fun making that video. We did it after an open Mic performance in Hayling Island, and we were buzzed up because we tried a new song out and it went down a storm. Don’t worry, no musicians were hurt in the making of this video (although my phone did fall over in the first part)

So watch the video and get in to win. And once you are on the other side – we have some special stuff to tell you – which will increase your chances of winning.

Is that not the coolest thing ever?

See you on the other side.

Enter the competition and get the opportunity to WIN all the freebies listed below:

  • 2 Night stay in The Jolly Sailor -  in Southsea / Portsmouth (Fri 8th and Sat 9th) includes dinner with the band
  • Saturday 09:00 - 15:00 have a day out on us - £100 spending money to go do whatever you want to do - Historic Dockyard, Submarine Museum, Gunwharf Quays, It's all there.
  • Saturday at 17:00 embark on the boat as our VIP guest  on us - all food and drink paid for and 2 x T Shirts plus 2 x CD signed by the band PLUS an invite to the after show party  at The Jolly Sailor.