Free From Gravity is a rock band hailing from Portsmouth. Their unique sound blurs the lines between the melodic sounds of bands such as U2 and Coldplay, with the gritty, energetic feel of rockers the likes of Bryan Adams or Bon Jovi, just to mention a few.

Massive guitars, thundering rhythm sections and lush, cascading melodies are the backbone of the music created by the 5 talented members of this group, including vocalist / guitarist Vince Barnes, keyboardist / backing vocalist Urszula Filpowicz, as well as Roger Cooper on lead guitar duties, Phil Estell behind the kit and Aidan Estell on bass.


Free From Gravity embody the dreamlike, space-ridden atmosphere the band name implies with their beautiful, direct and catchy song writing. The band affectionately name their own approach to music as “kick assed chilled out rock”, and indeed their music is rock with attitude, bridging the gaps between modern melodic influences and the huge size of 80s arena rock acts. This is a band to experience, whether the sound is coming from your headphones, or, even better from within the settings of a live venue.

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